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Voice of VIVA – Meet the finalists

Voice of VIVA – Meet the finalists

Aarohi Joshi

• Our next contestant Aarohi Joshi comes from the city of Vadodara.

• A city which has given her a lot of cultural exposure.

• Her hobbies include singing and dancing.

• Aarohi is a creative person and enjoys mimicking various artists.

• Mimicry is after all, the best form of flattery.

• She intends to learn Hindustani Classical music and aspires to represent her state and country as a singer.

Riya Joseph

• Riya Joseph comes from our cosmopolitan city of Bengaluru.

• Her hobbies include listening to music and producing you tube videos.

• Riya is a passionate and a Curious personality.

• She is a person of multiple interests like sports, music, dance and fashion creation.

• She intends to contribute some of her prize money to underprivileged people.

• She aspires to be an independent music artist connect with other VoV participants to collaborate in producing more music.

Anvi Kambli

• Anvi Kambli has shifted to the city of Gurugram, a completely different side of India that she hasn’t seen before.

• She enjoys singing, swimming & painting.

• She likes making new friends.

• She describes herself as a humorous and focused personality.

• Her dream is to learn more about music and become a versatile singer.

• Her mantra for the grand finale is-Focus Practise and confidence.

Ain Kay

• Ain hails from “Aamchi Mumbai” the city of dreams. She considers the city special to her because of the multiple opportunities and facilities it provides as well as it’s delectable cuisine.

• Her hobbies include rifle shooting, basketball, reading books, playing musical instruments, and singing.

• Ain has been dreaming of winning Viva since she was in the 7th grade.

• Her dream is to make it big in the music field and have concerts all over the world.

• Ain also aspires to study in her dream college “IIT – B”.

• Her mantra is to push the limits and give her level best.

Amelia Rodrigues

• Our next contestant Amelia hails from the city of Pune and distinguishes it as a centre of cultural activities.

• She takes prides on the people of her city being extremely talented yet very simple which also encourages her to push her limits and make a mark of her own.

• She is an avid reader and loves to explore about ancient history, predominantly about Egyptology.

• Amelia dreams of becoming a singer and/or archaeologist.

• Her mantra is to listen to the advice given by her family and incorporate the feedback as much as possible.

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