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VIVA NOVA – Meet the finalists

VIVA NOVA – Meet the finalists

Anushka Ashwin

• Anushka Ashwin comes from the Garden city of Bengaluru. She is in Grade 9 and studies in Vibgyor High, HSR layout.

• Anushka is a voracious reader.

• Her Hobbies include, listening to music, dancing, and playing the guitar.
Her tastes in music vary from good old Bollywood to the latest pop chartbusters.

She believes her strength is her attitude, and her never say no spirit.

She likes to take up challenges and push herself to doing new things.

She believes it’s better to try and fail rather than not try things for the fear of defeat.

Both her grandfathers have served in the army, a fact that she is very proud of.

Professionally, she aspires to study psychology and hopes to see herself as a reputed psychologist someday.

A cause that is very close to her heart is mental health and she can see herself being associated with an organisation that works in this field.

Mrudula Reddy


Mrudula Reddy comes from San Francisco of India, Bengaluru.


A self-declared Slytherin, Mrudula is a passionate, ambitious, determined, and clever person who is willing to work hard and never stop till her goals are reached.


She is a multifaceted personality.

Her interests range widely from playing the guitar, badminton, basketball.


In fact, she is a part of her school Basketball team.


She is an avid member of the VMUN club, and even took part in the Mumbai conference that happened earlier this year.


She is fascinated by music, mythology, space, books, criminology, and food.

She is strong and independent and knows what she needs to do to get where she want to be.


Her dream is that at the end of everything, I tried everything, did my best and have no regrets.


She believes in being the best version of herself.


“Not perfect, but real, as that’s where the true beauty lies.” 


Anshika Tyagi

From a culturally and historically rich city of Lucknow famous for its nawabs, tunde kebabs, chikenkari, comes our next contestant, Anshika Tyagi.

Anshika dreams of being a very successful model as well as an international Kathak artist.


She has participated in almost every pageant in Lucknow and has won many laurels making her parents and school very proud.

She is often invited as a showstopper for many events.

She believes in pushing her boundaries and keeps challenging herself at every step.


She leaves no stone unturned and works hard day after day because she knows that her hard work will eventually pay off. 


Prisha Modi


Our next contestant Prisha Modi, comes from Mumbai, a city which has managed to maintain a balance between modernisation and tradition staying true to its culture and heritage


Prisha has always been interested in music and psychology specialising in criminal background.


She spends her time reading books especially, contemporary fiction, watching classic old Hollywood films, and studying Greek mythology.


She is currently working with a foundation that helps working rural women, at the same time she volunteers at a homeless shelter too.


She dreams of getting through med school and then specialising in psychology and psych research programs to help people understand their mental health better.


Prisha is a very self-aware person. She knows what she wants and works hard towards it.



Varad Manoj Kshirsagar


Varad Manoj Kshirsagar hails from Amchi Mumbai.


Mumbai has played an integral part in shaping Varad’s personality.


Varad believes that just like the city he was born and brought up in, he is a colourful vibrant and culturally rich personality.


Varad likes playing the guitar and cycling but his interest reaches its absolute zenith when it comes to automobiles.

He aspires to become an automobile engineer and wants to work for world’s topmost automobile company and have a healthy career.


He is also passionate about acting and reading.


His mantra is practise practise and pracrice.


That’s the only way to achieve perfection.


There is no substitute for hard work and no shortcuts to success.



Rishon Lazarus


Our next contestant, Rishon Lazarus comes from the city known as the Oxford of East, Pune.

A city with a rich heritage and cultural diversity.

Since his childhood, Rishon has been fascinated by percussion music.

He likes to play different Genres of music on his drums.

He also likes to spend time playing sports and working out in the Gym.

Apart from playing drums, Rishon is also a Certified Black Belt in Kyokushin Kai Karate.


He also actively takes part in Football, Badminton, swimming, and marathon events.


Rishon believes that success is a measure of the hard work that you put in.


He is working on improving his communication skills and how to present myself.


With such varied interests it may seem difficult to choose one.


But Rishon knows his mind, he loves music and wants to pursue a career in the Music Industry. 



Sanika Deepak Deshmukh


Our next contestant, Sanika Deshmukh, comes from our city of vineyards, Nashik.

Born and raised in Malegaon. She is currently in Grade 12 preparing for NEET exams.


She aspires to be a doctor when she grows up.


Her hobbies include dancing & painting.


Her strength is her self-confidence and attitude.


She likes to take up challenges and believes that anything can be achieved by working hard. 


Darwindra Reddy

Our next contestant Darwindra comes from Bangalore, “The city of lakes”

His hobbies include listening to music and dancing              

Darwindra loves to exercise and is a judo state level player. He has been qualified to participate in nationals this year.

He is sociable and loves to travel

He aspires to becomes an entrepreneur and help people in need. 

Tanay Sankhala

Our next contestant Tanay, hails from a city of opportunities and world class educational institutions, “Pune”

He keeps an interest in exploring practical world and loves to travel to destinations with adventure activities.

He believes that healthy lifestyle is the key to a longer life and follows a healthy routine. He keeps fit by practicing calisthenics.

Tanay intends to be a part of fitness challenges such as Iron Man, MTV Roadies in future. 

His aim is to invest in experiences, personal growth, and other people and wishes to contribute his time for a worthy cause

Patience, Persistence & Positive attitude is his mantra to win the Grand Finale

Sahil Ahmed


Sahil comes from the city of Bengaluru.


He is a student of Vibgyor High Hennur, studying in Grade 10, where he is the President of the student council.


His hobbies and interests include, listening to music, putting his creative thoughts into form using Lego, sketching, and drawing

Sahil loves a good story put through all kinds of media, be it in the form of books, movies or even videogames.

Writing and speaking for people and society is one of his favourite means of recreation.

He is passionate about sports and plays basketball and football.

Travelling and exploring new destinations is another one of his passions.

He is an extremely social person and loves meeting new people and taking on new adventures.

His family and friends are most important to him. 

Yash K Mishra


Our next contestant Yash Mishra,comes from the city of Pune.


He has a long list of hobbies, but cricket is right there up top.


Yash has always been an extrovert interacting with people of different ages.

He has a brown belt in Taekwondo.


He loves reading non-fiction books and his favorites are “The origin of species” by Charles Darwin and “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking

During the pandemic he discovered a new hobby-Cooking.


Yash’s ultimate dream is of being an astronaut


He thinks that if humanity wants to survive for long it needs to go interstellar.


He feels space is like the sea was for the early explorers in the 1600’s.


Being an Explorer like Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama would be immensely fulfilling for Yash.


He feels that the Cosmos is one of the most beautiful things any human can ever experience.


He believes that education is not just what happens in the classroom but education means growing and developing plus enriching yourself as a person


Palak Sethia

Palak comes from the city of Surat.


Her hobbies include playing cricket, assembling outfits of different cultures and ethnicities.


She is a very creative person and enjoys engaging in various creative & artistic activities.


She is already an entrepreneur running a small business of fashion jewellery


Palak is independent and confident personality.


She sees herself as fashion-preneur in future and wants to travel the whole world.

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