Shivani Pareek

First, heartfelt congratulations on the great show, ‘An idea called India’. It was spectacular from the word go. A great musical extravaganza. But what touched me and made me cry was the theme. It was apt and very timely given the current atmosphere in the country, which is not conducive to the growth of truly secular thinking. I remember as young students in schools, we nurtured and celebrated the national sentiment, ‘Unity in Diversity’. I am constantly worried about extremism taking place in our country in the name of religion where the past is dug out just to justify the present. I hope that school continues in this direction and translate what we saw on stage to everyday school life in ways and methods that only a school can devise. Once again, it was one of the best shows ever.


Viva is an amazing platform to showcase our talents and learn new things. Every year I look forward for Viva, even though we did not have the Viva


It was a great experience to see the kids performing amazingly in VIVA. We are so thankful for moulding our kids in such a wonderful way.


Truly a fantastic show! Hats off to the teachers, students and everyone who has worked so sincerely! Feeling super proud and happy!