Pradeep Chhetri

I would like to appreciate you and all teaching and non-teaching faculties for the efforts taken for the Viva function held on 23 November 2019. It was seamlessly planned and executed. To illustrate the significance of global unity and the tales of the soldiers defending and ultimately making the supreme sacrifice for their motherland was indeed the best theme that could have been selected. It also allowed children to love and respect the freedom and the quality of life which we enjoy today. There are many lives sacrificed for the freedom which we generally take it for granted. Thank you very much once again for such a wonderful function. Looking forward to being a part of many more such wonderful celebrations.

Shivani Pareek

First, heartfelt congratulations on the great show, ‘An idea called India’. It was spectacular from the word go. A great musical extravaganza. But what touched me and made me cry was the theme. It was apt and very timely given the current atmosphere in the country, which is not conducive to the growth of truly secular thinking. I remember as young students in schools, we nurtured and celebrated the national sentiment, ‘Unity in Diversity’. I am constantly worried about extremism taking place in our country in the name of religion where the past is dug out just to justify the present. I hope that school continues in this direction and translate what we saw on stage to everyday school life in ways and methods that only a school can devise. Once again, it was one of the best shows ever.

Satish and Bhavisha Panchal

Sharing our experience in the two days of the Viva concert, we have seen the amount of energy shown by all which itself showed determination and teamwork. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing event organised and well-executed by you. We can imagine the endless hours & sleepless nights that you have spent for the success of this event. Theme and execution with perfection impressed us immensely.

Remya Murali

Viva is an inter-school festival, a place where multiple ideas, thoughts, and emotions come to existence. It forms an integral part of our school activities where every student is allowed to present wonderful performances and to face a large crowd with confidence. This year, Viva 11 for all the grades included on unique themes and lucrative workshops and competitions. The Premier Competition was a stage for the students of Vibgyor to compete with students of other schools and showcase their talent with great zeal and enthusiasm. During the Concert students of Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary had an opportunity to showcase their talent. It was a moment of pride for both teachers and parents to watch each of them perform with such ease and confidence. At Vibgyor, Viva is a time full of opportunities, a time full of learning and enjoyment with friends – all at the same time. It is time well spent.

Kunal Dutt

As a parent, I must mention the increasing enthusiasm in my son about attending school. I can pen it down to the fact that he was an active participant at the Viva annual concert 2019. The concert kept us glued to our seats with music, drama, and dance. It indicated that the teachers and students had put their heart and soul into the event to make it a memory to cherish. I would like to thank the school for giving the students and the parents such an exciting opportunity to enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

Dipannita Lahiri

The Viva annual concert was a real treat to the eyes. It displayed the hard work and efforts put in by the students as well as the teachers. Detailed attention to all facets of the program was visible, giving a feeling of satisfaction. The dances were well choreographed, and the costumes added to the fantastic presentation. The theme was beautifully interwoven with the skit and dances, thereby showcasing a superb concert. I was overwhelmed to see my daughter perform so beautifully under the guidance of her teachers. I am proud to see my daughter as a part of this wonderful concert. Three cheers to team Vibgyor High.

Preeti Singh and Yogesh Kumar

We are extremely proud to share our joy of being part of the Vibgyor family and we have been attending Viva for the last 8 years. Which has been touching heights every year, however this year we were amazed by its impeccable impact not only on us but also on kids and grandparents. Whole logistics were very thoughtfully planned. Teacher’s hard work and creativity in training kids & covering relevant themes reflected in all enactments. On stage. Starting from our respected principle’s message to the stage performances by kids and the conclusion of the event had an apt balance of learning, inquisitiveness, teamwork, coordination, and fun. We’re fortunate to be part of this family and looking forward to Vibgyor reaching the pinnacle of success in the future.


Viva was an amazing event organised by Vibgyor school which allows children to showcase their hidden talents. It’s a perfect platform for the children to express their interest in various extracurricular activities apart from studies. Viva creates a stage for children to express their talent and also helps them to get rid of stage fear. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who have put in so much effort to make the Viva event a grand success.


If I were, to sum up, Viva in one word, it would be fantabulous. The event started and ended on time, excellent time management I must say. It was overwhelming to see 11 to 15-year-olds performing on stage. It is a beautiful platform to showcase young talents. The script that was taken up was apt in drawing the attention towards the current affairs creating a lasting impression. I appreciate the entire Vibgyor team in bringing out the best from the students.


Viva was indeed a spectacular show. The colours, jazz, and grandeur mesmerized us as an audience. Performance of the students; an amazing display constituting blend of dramatic skill and high energy left us spellbound. To put up a show with such high mounting expectations requires a lot of supervision and extremely hard work. Hence I take this moment to congratulate the teachers and the whole Vibgyor team that has paved the way and set up high standards time and again, year after year. The images of Viva shall remain etched in our memory for a long time to come.

Vinita Banerjee

Viva concert of Vibgyor is a marvelous cultural extravaganza. Viva 2019 was a visual treat to the eyes of the parents. The children showcased their talents in choir, drama, and dance with tremendous confidence. Their colourful attire, superb performance and perfect stage set up transported us into a different world. I want to thank the principal, coordinator, teachers, and staff, for providing students such a beautiful platform to display their talents and boosting their confidence.

Rupak Guha and Swati Guha

A heartfelt thank you for adding countless moments to our treasured VH memorabilia. What we witnessed was sheer magic. The magic that left us awestruck; the magic that made us believe that our kids are genius; the magic that made us cheer for an encore; the magic that once again demonstrated the expertise, craftsmanship, and creativity of the mentors; the magic that further strengthened our belief in Vibgyor. It was so well presented, well-co-ordinated, beautiful costumes, makeup, teamwork, and endless hours of work by all of you. You all had so much to take care of and it was so well delivered.

Shivani and Rajeev Adib

We have been parents of Vibgyor, Marathahalli for nearly nine years and have always enjoyed attending the VIVA concert, where every child gets a chance to showcase his or her talent. The Viva 2019 concert was an array of enthusiastic and well-rehearsed performances, congratulations to the children, the teachers, and the backstage team that moved the props very efficiently! It’s simply wonderful how the children, radiate confidence – even a shy, nervous child who joins Vibgyor in Junior KG inevitably owns the stage without a trace of nervousness by grade 1 and kudos.

Swati Khurma

I would like to congratulate you on the grand success of Viva 11. The show was very well organised and executed. Every element was put together perfectly. The audience was glued to the show from start to end. All the kids have showcased their talent with utmost perfection and dedication. A big round of applause to all the teachers, coordinators, and all the staff for their tremendous effort and hard work. This was by far the best Viva experience I had. Once again congratulations to the team.

Marion Heinicke-Sinha and Abhilash Sinha

We felt that the Viva annual concert 2019 was one of the best annual concerts that we have had so far. The concert had a very concise content with clearly defined roles, which made the storyline easy to follow for everyone. The good music and well-choreographed dances highlighting the theme made it a pleasure to watch. Apart from that, the message of the concert was very relevant, because sadly it’s the self-centered, egoistic and hunger for more power attitude of many of the current world leaders that is causing so much of suffering of people, animals, and the environment and pose a threat to world peace. It conveyed an important message to our children, that if everybody cooperates and supports each other, one can work towards a common goal and can make things happen. And as always, in the end, it’s the wonderful and enthusiastic performance of the children that make the show.