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Swing n Swirl Solo – Meet the finalists

Swing n Swirl Solo – Meet the finalists

Small Galaxy-Mumbai

• The Small Galaxy crew hail from Mumbai, the city of dreams, and a perfect blend of art and culture.

• Each member of their team has a unique personality.

• What brings them together is their passion for Dance

• They have had the most exciting journey at Viva! From all the hustle, nerve wracking audition rounds to the knockout round, it has been a whirlwind of experience.

• They are excited and looking forward to performing at the Viva Grand finale!

• They have intensified their dance practice and working hard every day to put up an amazing performance at the Finale.

• Their motive is to do their best and make their parents proud!

• Small Galaxy aspires to achieve great success as dancers and set an example – with practice, patience and hard work, nothing is impossible.

• Each member of the crew is ambitious.

• They have individual aims. But when they dance together, they become one.

Dance Builders-Vadodara

• Come from Vadodara have been practicing consistently to achieve perfection.

• We will celebrate the success together with the team and their families.

• Their aim is to achieve greater heights in the field of dance.

• ‘Dance Builders’ were the winners of VIVA 8 and won the runners up position at VIVA 11.

Roar Dance Company-Mumbai

• Have been a part of Viva 11 as well.

• They have been working on building the stamina and maintaining a positive attitude.

• They are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious competition.

• They are soon going to be a part of dance reality show D+.

• Roar dance Academy have performed at 450 dance shows and participated in more than 400 competitions where they have won in almost 250 competitions.

• They have stood 9th in Hip Hop dance championship, India.

Kalebeedu Dance Institute

• Kalebeedu group comes from Bengaluru.

• They work very hard as a team.

• Each member has gone out of their way to be there for the rehearsals.

• They are designing and stitching their own costumes.

• Kalebeedu Dance group is very enthusiastic and eager to explore new things.

• Their plan is to take the choreography to next level and ensure they deliver the best performance

• They are self-made and have built their dance academy from scratch

• Their spirits are high, and they will leave no stone unturned till the D-day when they grab the Viva Swing n Swirl title

Divine Crew

• Divine crew come from the city of Surat.

• They love their city as it represents unity in diversity.

• They are a very confident and positive group.

• They work well together as a unit.

• They believe their dance moves are unique and unconventional.

• Their mantra is- Discipline and Practice-that’s the only way to achieve absolute perfection & synchronization.

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