Where will students submit their entries?

The entries should be submitted to the Viva website/to the event coordinator via mail.

Is the virtual event for all the sections in 2020-2021?

Yes, for more information one can contact Viva event coordinators at schools.

How many VIBGYOR schools will be participating in Viva in 2021-2022?

39 VIBGYOR schools will be a part of Viva in 2021-2022.

Are there virtual events/activities for parents with students?

No, virtual activities for parents and students are not a part of Viva.

Is there any cost for participation in virtual events?

Yes, a participation cost is applicable for all Viva events except short film making.

Is the virtual Viva open for Non-VIBGYOR students?

Yes, Non-VIBGYOR students can participate by contacting the nearest VIBGYOR schools.

Who will be the SPOC for online participation in Viva?

Individual Viva Event Coordinators at school will act as SPOCS for online participations in Viva.

Will there be any holiday during the virtual event?

No, virtual events will not feature holidays.

Where will be the virtual events be conducted?

Virtual events will be conducted through online/conferencing platforms.

Where do students have to register for Viva?

Registrations have to be done on the Viva website. For more information, one can contact the Viva Event Coordinators at their respective schools.

Who will collect the money for Viva activities?

Payment needs to be made online for each activity.

Will performances be conducted during Viva?

There will be no performances conducted this year. Videos of Premier Competition winners will be published on the website and promoted on social media platforms.

Who will arrange for Wi-Fi or internet services for students at home?

The students have to arrange for internet services on their own.

Will the school accept cash for participation in activities?

No, participation costs for all events need to be paid online.

Will there be a time limit for the activities?

There will be a time limit for every activity conducted online.

Can parents participate in the activities?

Some competitions may be designed for parents and children.

Can we extend the activity duration?

No, extending activity duration will not be possible. We encourage you to follow the rules and regulations uploaded on the Viva website.

What will be the timings for activities?

Activity timings and slots are mentioned on the Viva website.

In which format should the activity entry be submitted?

The activity entries should be in photo/video format as per the rules mentioned for each activity.

How many times can a student apply for Viva?

The same student cannot apply through more than one school.