Voice of Viva

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Trivia:Some of our singers have got offers for playback singing in Hindi movies.Left brain or right brain ?In this activity, your left brain is used more than your right side.

Voice of Viva

Singing is perhaps the most popular of musical forms. It takes skill and talent to augment regular speech and a mellifluous voice to produce pleasing and attractive musical sounds and rhythm.

VIBGYOR Viva aims to promote such talent through the Voice of Viva Solo Singing Competition. Viva invites all students from Grades 5 to 10 to participate and compete for the chance to be the Voice of Viva, and engage the crowd with their impressive vocals. Let your voice lead you to victory. A grand prize of Rs. 30,000/- awaits the winner!


  • DURATION FOR ELIMINATION ROUND and FINALE : Up to 4 Minutes (Excluding set up time and Performance)
  • ENTRY FEES : Rs 300/-
  • PARTICIPANT : Individual Student
  • APPLICABLE TO : All students from grade/std 5 – 10

CASH PRIZES: Rs.30,000/- for the Winner and Rs.20,000/- for the 1st Runner Up of Western as well as Indian Vocals


Participants from Bengaluru, Kolhapur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Vadodara will go through three Elimination rounds namely:

  • Audition Round 1
  • Audition Round 2
  • Knock out Round

The qualifying contestants from the Knockout Round will compete at the Grand Finale


  • Participants can select a song of their choice.
    • FOR VOV (Indian), the song can be a Hindi track from a Bollywood movie or Classical (Raaga) or a semi-classical song (Sufi or songs from Indian Cinema) or a regional language song.
    • In case of VOV (Western), the genres are open to any songs except, Hard Rock. Lyrics of all songs be it pop, folk, jazz, etc.
  • Inappropriateness in lyrics will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • For both VOV Indian and Western categories, participants can perform a medley within the stipulated time and accordingly edit and carry the respective Minus track. It cannot be fusion (mix of Hindi or regional language + English), but has to abide with the song selection guideline as mentioned in point 1.
  • The participating contestants can represent Schools, Academies or Institutes and there is no limit on the number of participants from each.
  • Open to all individual participants from Grade 5 – 10 (Age Criteria – 10 to 15 years of age). A copy of the birth certificate or a bonafide certificate from the school along with a photo ID proof must be submitted along with the registration form.
  • Students registering online must submit the documents mentioned in Point 5 (above) at the designated audition centres on or before the audition.
  • Participants can submit their registration forms at any centre they wish to pariticpate in their respective city.
  • Pariticipants can also register online. Entry forms can be downloaded from www.vibgyorviva.com. Forms should be duly filled and signed by the parent or guardian. Students registering online must submit the documents mentioned in Point 5 at the designated audition centres on or before the audition.
  • Forms without the entry fee of 300/- per participant will not be accepted. Entry fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Whilst registering, a latest passport size photograph of the participant is to be enclosed along with the registration form and submitted before the deadline.
  • Contestants are expected to carry their School/ Academy/ Institute ID card or any valid document for ID and age proof at all times.
  • Costume/Dress code should be appropriate / modest.
  • The karaoke tracks should be “only instrumental” without any background vocals.
  • Participants need to arrange their own karaoke tracks which should be presented on a pen drive or CD. Last minute changes won’t be accepted. Organizers are not responsible for any malfunctions.
  • Karaoke/Back up Tracks (only instrumental, without background vocals) are mandatory for the Knock-out Round and Grand Finale.
  • Duration for each VOV performance for all rounds including the finale is 4 minutes, excluding set-up time.
  • Exceeding the maximum time limit allotted and/or singing songs with obscene lyrics will lead to immediate disqualification and termination of the performance.
  • Participants need to prepare a different song/medley, if qualified for the Grand Finale. They can perform the same song up till the Knock-out Round.
  • The selected Karaoke/Back up Tracks for the Knock out Round and the Grand Finale should be submitted via email/ We Transfer at viva@vibgyorviva.com by the following timelines:Vadodara-16 September,2017Surat- 25 September, 2017Bengaluru- 6 November, 2017Lucknow- 6 November, 2017Kolhapur-25 November, 2017Pune- 4 December, 2017Mumbai - 8 December, 2017All entries sent via email must have the following details:City Name
    Name of the Participant
    Competition names
    Song names
    Contact number.
  • The track CD or pendrive may also be submitted via courier by the above mentioned timeline at:
  • 601, 6th Floor, Interface 11,
    Near Infiniti Mall,Off Link Road,
    Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064
    Phone No.: 022 3981 7090
  • No changes will be accepted once the tracks are submitted. If tracks are sent via email THE SUBJECT LINE MUST MENTION VOICE OF VIVA FINALIST. Entries will not be considered, without the subject line.
  • Judges will have the final verdict on all performances. No discussion or explanation will be entertained.
  • For the Auditions, participants can opt to play an instrument as an accompaniment; however, no additional marks will be allotted for their instrument playing skills. Marks will be allotted purely based on their vocals and performance (refer to evaluation parameters mentioned below). However for the Knock-out Round and Grand Finale the contestants need to perform with a Karaoke / Minus Track only.
  • Participants will be judged on the following evaluation parameters:
    Voice Quality & Tonality
    Pitching correctly and singing in tune
    Tempo & Rhythm
     (pace and synchronized with the music)Vocal Range
    Breath Control
    Dynamics, Expression
     (vocal and facial) and Creativity (musical phrases/ riffs & scale improvisations)
    Mastery of Lyrics and Overall impact
  • Any contestant failing to comply with prescribed rules and regulations will face disqualification.
  • The Rules may be subject to change as per the discretion of the organisers.
  • TO PARTICIPATE/REGISTER Log on to: www.vibgyorviva.com

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