Tap Your Feet
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This activity includes

style & passion
quick thinking
mind & body sync
Trivia: Students here have been trained by Shaimak Davar. Left brain or right brain ? Left brain will be used more than the right brain.

How to play

Tap dance, a joyful noise! Select your favourite piece of foot tapping music and set the dance floor afire with your moves. Bring the rhythmic sound in your feet, tap away to any musical instrument of your choice and jazz up the atmosphere. A tip to get you started: In addition to perfect move and rhythm, a good attitude too can get you going! So, whether it’s Jazz tap, Broadway variations or Bollywood grooves…make sure you have everyone swaying to your beat.

  • Participant/s: Individual Student
  • Group III: Grades 1 and 2
  • Group IV: Grades 3 and 4
  • Fees: Rs. 100/- per event
  • Duration: 3 minutes


  • On the spot entries will not be accepted.
  • Only pre-recorded music is permitted.
  • One copy of the CD containing the relevant music only should be submitted to the organizers. (For date of submission, please refer to schedule).
  • Participants should bring their own props if needed.
  • Judgement will be on the basis of dance form, appropriate song selection, costume, originality and expressions.
  • Vulgarity or obscenity in the form of attire, moves and/or offensive lyrics will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Participants must arrange for a back up CD.
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