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This activity includes

quick thinking
focus & concentration
Trivia: One of our winners has also particip-ated in an international spelling bee. Left brain or right brain ? This is so left brain!

How to play

Bitten by the spelling bug? Well here’s one just for our little wordsmiths. Read up your dictionary and get going…spell every word that there is and challenge the world of SMS!

  • Participant/s: Team of 2
  • Group V: Grades 5, 6 and 7
  • Fees: Rs. 150/- per event
  • Duration: 1 hour


Round 1: Scramble

  • This is an elimination round.
  • Each pair will be given a set of letters, which will create a 9 or more letter word.
  • The pairs will be given 3 minutes to find the solution.
  • It is ‘a first come first serve’ round.
  • The first ten pairs will move to the second round, example: NEGOTEMRVN —>GOVERNMENT.

Round 2: Scribble Me Down – 10 minutes

  • The ‘pronouncer ‘will call out 20 words and the pairs will write it down on a paper.
  • Each word will be given 20 seconds after which the pronouncer will give out the next word.
  • The evaluation will be done immediately and the top 5 teams move to the Final Round.

The Final Round – Think it, Fill It, Spell it

  • A fill in the blank round.
  • A clue to a word is given.
  • The speller will guess the missing letters that suit the given clue.
  • The clue may be a picture, definition or any other reference.
  • Each correct answer gets 10 points.
  • A pass correct answer is 5 points (only one round of pass).
  • The team that garners the highest points will be the Spell-o-pedia Champion team.
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