Our Team
Our Team

Vice Chairperson's Message

Kavita Sahay
Vice Chairperson

Our constant endeavour at the VIBGYOR Group of Schools has always been to provide students with an environment that facilitates their development in all aspects of their life, and encourages them to express their creativity through a blend of academics, sports and performing arts. Every facet of this educational model is made possible through a mindset which is learner centric, and engages with the interests of every member of the ever growing VIBGYOR family.

Viva is our nationally renowned Inter School and Junior College Sports and Cultural festival, with involvement from students from all over India. The diverse community of individuals who participate in this event, as well as the range of activities included, are essential for our educational philosophy which focuses on providing the students with all the resources necessary to fully explore their abilities. Viva upholds the values and frameworks that guide every element of VIBGYOR towards excellence, and celebrates the coming together of creativity expressed by young minds.

This spectacular event has been successful every year from the time of its inception in 2009 due to extensive planning and coordination between the various organising teams at different levels. Great emphasis is given to security and hospitality at each venue, in order to provide a comfortable and inclusive platform for students to reach for their dreams.

My wholehearted appreciation goes towards every person who is conscientiously working on building this event and watching it grow each subsequent year. The team work, communication and collective effort for a common objective are truly exceptional. Thank you for your contribution towards making Viva a fascinating experience for the students, parents and teachers alike.

I wish every participant and organiser of Viva 9 the very best, and look forward to experience this year’s event in all its glory.

Warm Regards

Vice Chairperson
VIBGYOR Group of Schools

Principal's Message

Mr. Shim Mathew
Director Principal – VIBGYOR High,

According to Mr Shim Mathew, the Principal of our flagship school in Mumbai, VIBGYOR Viva is the place to be for any students wanting to add zest to their student life. It promotes the spirit of sportsmanship, healthy competition and the will to achieve and be seen and heard. He works in an advisory capacity and ensures that Viva is just the right mix of art, theatre, drama, music, dance and competitions to bring about the enhancement of the students.

Mr Mathew has done his MA, B. Ed. and M. Phil in English and has a vast experience heading schools catering to State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, NIOS and the CIE besides which he has initiated various programmes on student leadership. A music lover & an avid sports and current affairs enthusiast, he also loves to drive and spend time outdoors.

Warm Regards,

Principal - VIBGYOR High

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