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This activity includes

Nature Connect
Time Management
Understand Colours
Trivia: Paintings from here are displayed in the corridors of our schools. Left brain or right brain ? Here, the right brain plays a key role.

How to play

This activity is a celebration of the beauty of art and nature. Nature has inspired many artists, photographers and creative writers. It is everywhere in art. So, let your creativity flow and create a beautiful landscape or happy place where you always wanted to be that has mountains, trees, streams or clouds! Allow your imagination run through the richness of nature; giving you a chance to showcase something spectacular.

  • Participant/s: Individual student
  • Group II: Junior KG and Senior KG
  • Fees: Rs. 100/- per event
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Medium – crayons (wax, oil pastels or plastic) and sketch pens. No glitter will be allowed.
  • Participants must bring their own material.
  • 1/4 imperial art sheets will be provided.
  • Each participant must write their name, grade, group, name of the school and topic clearly on the paper in capital letters.
  • The child can draw anything that appeals to him/her for example: trees, plants, mountains, birds, animals, flowers, seas, rivers or landscapes and finally colour the scene.
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