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This activity includes

Self Expression
Trivia: In it’s debut year, entries were closed within 2 hours due to over enthusiastic registrations. Left brain or right brain ? In this activity, right brain is used more than the left brain.

How to play

Masks add an element of fun at parties or otherwise! So, whether you want to party like a princess, go on a heroic pirate caper or play a prank by imitating a monkey or a cat, masks can be a fabulous way to light up the celebratory atmosphere. Play up your creativity and have fun making some exciting , inventive and colorful masks. Be a pro and shine at your next themed party!

  • Participant/s: Individual student
  • Group II: Junior KG and Senior KG
  • Fees: Rs. 100/- per event
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Participants need to create a mask using a paper plate. The diameter of the paper plate should be 9 inches. Participants should carry the paper plate with the eye’s cut-out and nose cut-out (if required).
  • Participants must bring their own material.
  • Each participant must write his/her name, grade, group, name of the school and title of the mask clearly on the paper plate in capital letters.
  • Participants are requested to bring their own material including the paper plate. e.g. pencils, eraser, crayons, sketch pens, adhesives, child friendly paper scissors, various coloured paper, decorative material (straws, ice–cream sticks, sponge, cotton, sequins, colourful feathers, corrugated sheet, shells, bindis, neon stickers, etc.). Participants can do some prior cut out preparations; but nothing should be marked or pasted on the paper plate.
  • Participant can create a mask of an animal, bird, monster, alien, marine creature, cartoon character or any other imaginary character.
  • Any variation in the size of the paper plate would lead to disqualification.
  • Judgement would be based on neatness, creativity and optimum use of material.
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