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This activity includes

Trivia: Dads are more enthusiastic than moms! Left brain or right brain ? In this activity right brain is used more than the left brain.

How to play

Like father, like son! Here, you can also turn around the phrase…like mother, like daughter or like father, like daughter or like mother, like son! All you have to do is dress identical and show the resemblance – both the parent and child! What’s more? You get a chance to look like someone famous? So, whether it’s Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or Robert De Niro all you have to do is get the costume right!

  • Participant/s: Adult and child
  • Group I: Playgroup and Nursery
  • Group II: Junior KG and Senior KG
  • Fees: Rs. 150/- per event
  • Duration: 2 minutes per pair


  • As co-participants only the mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother can participate with the child.
  • Judgement will be based on the degree of similarity between the adult and child. For e.g.: If the father has dressed up as Charlie Chaplin the child also needs to dress up in the same attire / costume.
  • No backdrop setting will be provided.
  • Participants have to arrange for their own props and costumes.
  • You can dress up as a celebrity, community helper, etc. as per your choice.
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