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VIBGYOR Viva, an All-India interschool talent fest, was the brainchild of Ms Kavita Sahay- Director of Schools and Academics, VIBGYOR High group of schools.

VIBGYOR Viva is a multi-ethnic platform based on Sports and Cultural events that aims to hone the talent of today's generation. It has come a long way since its inception in 2009. This year Viva is back with its 8th Edition. Yet again we will be witnessing an exhibition of overwhelming talent across India.

VIBGYOR Viva has been celebrating the Colours of Talent since its first year ,Viva 1 in January 2010. In the first year Viva received registrations from 34 schools and had over 2,400 participants.

These numbers only kept increasing over the years. In the second year, Viva 2, the number of VIBGYOR Schools grew from 1 to 7. Further, the number of schools participating for Viva stood at 125 while the participants increased to 7200.

Likewise in the third year, Viva3, the number of VIBGYOR High Schools grew to 10 and we saw 286 schools across India participating in this event. We closed the registrations at 13500 students. The Grand Finale was introduced during this year, which only added to the excitement and thrill of Viva.

Viva 4 went full throttle where the participation numbers touched to 21000 entries while the number of participating schools stood at 341 schools.

The number of VIBGYOR High Schools grew to 15. Viva had 61 shows happening over 53 days. At the same time the number of participating schools grew to 571 and Viva was witnessed by 25,000 students.

Viva 6 saw an overwhelming response as participants from 860 schools thronged the venues. The celebration became even more grand at Viva 7 where the number of participating schools reached a staggering 1045 and the student participation skyrocketed to 82450. Viva 7 had 48 shows that held over 90 days.

With 20 VIBGYOR High schools across the nation, Viva 8 promises to bring you an exhilarating celebration of talent like never before.

Viva 8 received an amazing response from over 41644 students from 1304 schools. Viva 8 was a grand celebration which was attended by 93644 visitors from across the nation.

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