Clay Modelling
V to VII
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This activity includes

eco awareness
attention to detail
Trivia: A participant wowed the trainer and everyone at the workshop with a beautifully sculpted Ganesha statue. Left brain or right brain ? In this activity, it is all about the left brain.

How to play

We have all played with clay as children. Viva gives you an opportunity to bring out the three-year-old in you and make something fun with clay. Here, you not only get a chance to let your younger self take over, but you can also use all that you have learned or imagined over the years to create something extraordinary.

  • Theme: Seasons
  • Participant/s: Individual
  • Group V: Grades 5, 6 and 7
  • Fees: Rs. 100/- per event
  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Participants have to get clay, play dough or dough made out of flour.
  • Participants are expected to carry all the material such as clay, paints, brushes, etc. needed for modeling the sculptures.
  • Extra material can be used keeping in mind they are eco friendly.
  • The participants will be judged on the basis of their creativity, overall presentation and the best use of eco friendly material.
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