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This activity includes

Time Management
persuasive techniques
parent bonding
Trivia: These kids give a stiff competition to all ad agencies. Our guarantee! Left brain or right brain ? In this activity, your right brain is used more than your right side.

How to play

There are taglines that have caught our attention, and in some cases become a part of the vocabulary. Now, you can create the same mass movement by giving a product a catchy, effective and memorable line. You can jazz it up with music or some tongue twisters! The world of advertisements is knocking at your door, open it to show the world what a few effective words can do.

  • Participant/s: Parent and child
  • Fees: Rs. 150/- per event
  • Duration: Preparation Time – 5-10 minutes
  • Performance Time: 1 minute per Pair
  • Groups III and IV: Grades 1 and 2 and Grades 3 and 4


  • Only one parent can participate with the child.
  • Participants should reach the venue 20 minutes before the commencement of the competition.
  • Only 2 participants from each school.
  • Product to be endorsed or promoted should either be a food product or a body product.
  • Promotion of the product should also include a catchy tag line.
  • No on the spot entries will be accepted.
  • Only pre-recorded music is permitted.
  • Props, if any needed, are to be brought by the participants.
  • An elimination round will be held if the number of participants exceeds the expected number.

Note: If the number of registrations for competitions is not as per requirement the activity will be called off and refund of the fees will be provided.

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